How to Write an Influencer Marketing Brief

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Your company’s growth is a continuous process that relies heavily on how consistent you are and the method you are using to boost your sales.

Gaining new consumers, boosting sales, expanding your clientele, and outpacing your rivals are all objectives that must always be pursued. One way to achieve this objective is through the use of influencer marketing.

As one of the fastest-growing marketing channels, influencer marketing helps most brands boost their sales and also increase their customer base.

However, you need to be careful when you decide to use influencer marketing to boost your sales as it is important to find and partner with the right influencer. To keep your collaborations organized and avoid potential misunderstandings, you would need to create a well-structured brief.

Stay with us as we highlight everything you need to know about creating an influencer marketing brief.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Many marketing teams employ the promotional marketing method known as influencer marketing. Influencer marketing entails seeking out individuals with social influence to market your goods or services to their followers on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and other social media platforms.

What is an Influencer Marketing Brief?

Working with strangers and placing your faith in them to promote your company is tricky and demands caution.  Typically, an influencer marketing brief can help you approach the influencer with confidence and specify the parameters of your potential collaboration. 

The brief often contains your collaboration’s goals, deadlines, expectations, deliverables, rules, and key performance indicators (KPIs). It might also have legal provisions governing disclosure and content usage rights.

It is important to note that briefs are not scripts; influencers still need to add their creative touches to the content to make sure it feels genuine to their pages and audiences, but the brief can provide guidelines and pointers on how to include the brand and brand messaging.

Why is it Important?

Any successful collaboration needs a solid brief, which should also be a key component of any influencer marketing plan. Ambiguity and confusing directions can result in serious marketing errors that are difficult to fix after the fact. An influencer brief also demonstrates your professionalism and dependability to the influencer.

How to Write an Influencer Marketing Brief

  1. An introduction to the brand or product:

This part of the brief should contain basic information about the brand or product.

It is important that you introduce the brand or product in a well-detailed but short manner because influencers take into consideration who you are and what you stand for. 

Share a brief description of your brand or product and a style guide outlining your brand voice. This is the best way for you to promote yourself and drum up interest among influencers for the partnership in this section.

  1. Campaign Overview

For the influencer to understand the campaign they would be working on, they must be aware of all the specifics. Describe the idea behind your marketing effort, its purpose, and your target market. Even better, include a “mood board” with pictures that reflect the tone and fashion of your campaign.

Also, describe the goals you have for the campaign. Does the project aim to increase brand recognition? Or is it to publicize the release of your most recent product? List the social media platforms you wish to distribute the content on and how many posts you wish to have created.

You can add any branded hashtags, links, coupon coupons, affiliate links, or landing pages to their bios or captions. It is ideal to also list your campaign goals and KPIs.

  1. Campaign Goals

Inform the influencer of the type of content and elements you want them to include while posting it. Also, give them some instructions on the type of content you want them to produce. 

Do you want the Influencer to do a product demonstration or to just mention your products or brand? The type of material you request from your influencer partner will also depend on the objectives of your campaign.

Always be specific to make sure the influencer understands your key point. List the hashtags they’ll use specifically, the call to action, and the links they would be sharing.  Overall, make sure they reflect the ideals and brand of your company as you’ve described it in your branding.

  1. Deadline and Payment

You must make sure that you have considered and addressed any important inquiries the influencers may have in your influencer marketing brief.

Include any deadlines or dates the influencers need to be aware of so they may make the appropriate plans. When, how, and how much will the influencer be paid by you? Name the payment or gift you will be making in exchange for the collaboration. Be sure to emphasize the benefits of any goods or services you want to send them. 

  1. Legalities

It is important to mention in the brief if you want to repurpose any material your influencer produces for your own social media channels or website. So that the influencer is not taken by surprise when it happens, including a section in the brief addressing content usage rights.

It is worth noting that some countries have marketing laws in place that compel businesses and influencers to add a disclosure to any sponsored content. Depending on the country you are advertising in, there may be differences in what is required of you and the influencers. Provide specific directions on how they should declare their sponsored content to make sure you’re not breaking any rules.


A good influencer marketing brief will not only lay out your expectations but also provide a clear path. Being organized, in charge of the marketing strategy, and being clear about your expectations are crucial when reaching out to an influencer.

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