How to Make Money as a Student With Affilbase 


As a student, making money while in school improves your financial situation especially if you come from a low-income family, and also adds to your work experience. While it is encouraged that you face your books squarely, it is also advisable to generate an income no matter how little it is by working. There are several ways to make money in Nigeria as a student and most times, it starts with learning a skill first.

One legit source of supplementary income for students is Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing which gained more momentum after the pandemic is a low-cost business opportunity because all you need to invest to get started is time and effort. You can find websites that sell products in your industry by analyzing the top affiliate programs or using a website directory. You also don’t need to spend anything upfront or learn any new technology.

How to Start Your Affiliate Marketing Journey

  1. Pick a platform:

There are several mediums through which you can use to promote your affiliate marketing journey and some of them include social media platforms, blogging platforms, and more. One popular blogging platform people use in Nigeria is Medium. It serves as a platform for you to have complete control over the information on your blog, the brands you promote, and the frequency at which you do so. Another option is setting up a WordPress account that would serve as your website and buying a domain name to show you are a professional. Either way, choose a platform you would be comfortable with sharing your content on.

  1. Choose a niche:

What are you passionate about and what do you have considerable knowledge on? Build on something that is not too generic so your readers or followers would know you for something unique.

  1. Find products to sell:

You can either contact a brand yourself or join an affiliate program to make the journey easier. Affiliate programs are agreements where a web-based retailer will pay affiliate websites a commission to send them customers. These affiliate websites display links to the merchant website and receive payment under a specific contract. You can join affiliate programs like Affilbase to earn money not only as an affiliate but as a field agent.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing for beginners here; How to Make Money as a Student With Affilbase 

How to earn money with Affilbase

Do you want to take your affiliate marketing journey to the next level or are you still confused about how and where to start? Through Affilbase, you get to work with businesses to get the right buyers and earn an income by bringing in steady sales, traffic, and engagement with their products and services. AffilBase is a performance marketing network that helps several companies sell products using a network of sales agents and affiliates to find, refer buyers and facilitate sales.

You have the opportunity to earn anywhere between N50,000 – N1,000,000/Month based on the number of jobs completed as they work with businesses across different industries to constantly provide income-earning opportunities for their affiliates and agents. You can either choose to drive physical product sales and store traffic for physical products or drive online product sales, downloads, traffic, and usage for digital products; mobile apps, and web products. With Affilbase, you have different mediums you can use to generate income as you don’t work as an affiliate marketer alone.

You can choose to sign up as a;

  • Digital Agent (Affiliates):  They use digital tools to connect buyers with products.
  • Mobile Agents (Field Agents): They move around to actively engage customers, and drive awareness and sales.
  • Shop Owner: This category of people are fixed agent partners who are business owners with fixed structures where customers can visit.
  • Influencer: As an influencer, you get to focus on engaging your audience while Affilbase brings in the revenue for you by giving you access to various brands.

How to Get Started

  1. Download the Affilbase app or use the web application to register as an agent
  2. Complete your profile to verify your account
  3. Join Campaigns by searching for or turning on notifications on available campaigns
  4. Take a short training and complete the screening
  5. Complete tasks as stated on your active campaigns
  6. And you are ready to receive your commissions daily, weekly, or monthly!!!

How to Get Started as an Affilbase Influencer

  1. Fill in the registration form and include your social media accounts.
  2. You’ll be assigned a liaison to work with.
  3. Join campaigns, complete tasks, and earn

You can partner with Affilbase now and start earning money as soon as your registration is settled.

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