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Drive more revenue growth using our network of skilled sales personnel to sell
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We are a
Dedicated Sales Network

AffilBase connects you with the right sales agents, creates a customized sales strategy based on your business goals and objectives and provides technology to optimize your sales processes.

AffilBase provides sales team management and ongoing support to businesses to ensure that their sales operations are running effectively and generating maximum revenue.

Our services are tailored to help your business grow intelligently by only paying for value.
We’re well versed in managing performance driven sales using a minimised risk model which provides
our clients with the avenue to grow while maintaining low overhead and set up costs

Whether you’re looking to close more deals, generate more leads or generate demand for your business, we’ll help you achieve your sales goals while you focus on scaling your business.

Sales Development

Optimize your outbound and inbound sales with dedicated sales agents. Let our skilled and experienced sales team help you generate deals that close

Lead Generation

Build your sales pipeline, generate
quality leads for conversion

Appointment Setting

We run fully fledged demand generation campaigns focused on lead research and outreach to fill your pipeline with appointments

Affiliate Marketing

Create an affiliate marketing program for your products and services. Reach your target customers with our diverse range of affiliate partners

Partner Marketing

Develop a successful partner marketing program for your products and services, build a team of qualified resellers


Create a network of performance-based telemarketing agents to sell your products virtually

Choose between

Self or Agency Management

Affilbase offers businesses the flexibility to choose between a self-managed option or an agency-managed option.

Self Managed

With the self-managed option, businesses have full control over their sales outsourcing and affiliate marketing activities. They can use Affilbase’s platform and tools to set up and manage their own sales campaigns, recruit sales personnel, track sales, and manage payouts. This option is suitable for businesses that have experience in managing their own marketing and sales operations or have dedicated sales teams.

Agency Managed

The agency-managed option is suitable for businesses that prefer to outsource their marketing and sales operations to experts. Affilbase has a team of experienced marketing and sales professionals who can manage the entire process on behalf of the business. This includes setting up and managing sales campaigns, recruiting sales personnel, tracking sales, and managing payouts. Businesses can sit back and focus on other core aspects of their operations while the Affilbase team takes care of their marketing and sales.

Overall, whether your business chooses the self-managed or agency-managed option, Affilbase’s platform and tools are designed to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals more efficiently and effectively.

Our Approach

Affilbase approaches service delivery by prioritizing the needs of its clients and ensuring that they receive the highest quality service possible. This includes personalized service, regular communication, and a focus on achieving the client’s specific goals. Additionally, affilbase places a strong emphasis on transparency and providing clients with detailed reports and analytics to track their progress and success.


We’ll start by understanding your business needs and goals. This will involve analyzing the current state of your sales processes and marketing strategies

Market Validation

We conduct thorough research to validate the market and identify the best approach for your campaign

Campaign Strategy​

We’ll develop a customized campaign strategy that includes deployment, key messaging, target audience, work schedules, goals and more

Multi-Channel Outreach

We implement the campaign strategy across multiple channels, including field visits, email, phone, socials, sms, and advertising, to reach your target audience

Campaign Optimization

We constantly monitor and optimize the campaign based on performance data to ensure maximum results

ROI Analysis

Affilbase will provide regular reports detailing the performance of the campaigns. This will involve analyzing data and providing insights into areas for improvement

How we work

Our Agents

We pride ourselves on having a team of experienced and dedicated sales professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Full-time Agents

Dedicated full-time sales agent, 40Hrs/Week

Part-time Agents

Partially dedicated sales agent, 15Hrs/Week

Freelance Agents

Flexible on-demand sales agents

Our simplified process

How it works

Our goal is to help you drive sales and grow your business, while providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.


Create Campaign

Provide product/service
information and CTA


Set Terms

Set agent fees &/or
commission rates


Build Team

Choose your agent and management team


Track Sales

Use technology tools to
track sales and performance


Pay Fees

You only pay for value!

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