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Whether you need support, lead generation, or increased sales, we will treat your brand with the highest level of care. Our team of telemarketers will help you target your market, qualify leads and increase sales revenue using result-proven telemarketing strategies.

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About Our Work

What we do

  • Boost your sales efficiency
  • Effective and 24hours contact center services that will help your business grow and thrive
  • Extend your business reach
  • Outbound, inbound, and cold calling services
  • Immediate feedback on product and services

How we do it

We Take Pride In Achieving Results

affilBase sales representatives or telemarketers contact potential and current customers to promote products or services. We use our strategic sales tactics to sell your products or services over the telephone or through web conferencing.


Outbound calls

Prospective and existing customers are actively reached out to via outbound telemarketing or cold call. We actively engage, persuade, and convert potential prospects to sales customers.


Inbound calls

Let’s help you maximize your campaigns and advertisement efforts. We help you further convince and keep your customer informed with a core goal of converting their interest into sales through our effective inbound telemarketing or warm calls.


Lead generation

Broaden your leads!. Our cost-effective telemarking service enables you to get profiles, interests, and demographic data of potential clients.

How we work

Our Agents

Our agents combine online and offline sales strategies to drive product awareness and sales

Digital Agents

Digital agents who use digital tools to connect buyers with products

Field Agents

Mobile agents who move around to actively engage customers, drive awareness and sales

Fixed Agents

Fixed agent partners who are business owners with fixed structures where customers can visit

How it Works

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Track sales

Track leads and conversions

Pay commissions

Pay commissions

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