Earn up to N40,000/Week as a Bookstars sales agent by signing up customers (talents, entertainers and creators) for Bookstars

Bookstars are a social professional network for Entertainers and creators, where Entertainers and creators can search and reach out to one another, find jobs or the right work team, create projects using the Bookstars automated project tool for easy execution.




Product type

Social Network

Project type

User Registrations

Job description

  • Search For Potential Customers (creators, entertainers, influencers, creatives, photographers, editors etc.)  Around You
  • Engage, Register And Onboard Customers Via The Website with your unique referral code
  • Facilitate Platform Usage
  • Provide Detailed Weekly Reports Of All Activities To Agent Manager For Reconciliation
  • Ensure Minimum Weekly And Monthly Activations & Products Sales Are Met


  • Earn Up To N40,000/Week
  • Financial Remuneration Based On Selected Target
  • Increase Your Revenue
  • Opportunity To Work On Other Projects For Additional Income
Product Product details Product price Agent commission
User Registration Sign up customers with your unique referral code

Who can register?

Digital Agents

These are agents who use digital tools to activate customers and sell products

Field Agents

These are agents we move around to activate customers and sell products physically

Shop Owners

Do you own a shop? Become a Bookstars Shop agent, facilitate user sign ups and registrations at your shop