Ak & Doks

Earn up to N160,000/Month as a sales agent by sellinig Ak & Doks products to prospective customers around you

AK & Doks is a premium wrist watch brand in Nigeria.




Product type

Wrist Watch

Project type

Direct Sales

Job description

  • Search For Potential Customers Around You
  • Engage Customers To Solicit Sales
  • Facilitate Product Sales
  • Provide Detailed Weekly Reports Of All Activities To Agent Manager For Reconciliation
  • Ensure Minimum Weekly And Monthly Products Sales Are Met


  • Earn Up To N40,000/Week
  • Financial Remuneration Based On Selected Target
  • Increase Your Revenue
  • Opportunity To Work On Other Projects For Additional Income

Who can register?

Digital Agents

These are agents who use digital tools to activate customers and sell products

Field Agents

These are agents we move around to activate customers and sell products physically

Shop Owners

Do you own a shop? Become an Ak & Doks reseller, facilitate product sales at your shop