Training Programs for new affiliates Marketers


Being a sales agent does not mean you should limit yourself to learning more. There are
several programs or courses available for sales reps to help improve their skills.
They include;

  1. Sales Discovery Training (LinkedIn Learning):
    This course gives an insight into sales discovery and how the role it plays. Some of the
    lessons taught in this course include topics on sales discovery, terminology, re-call
    preparation, how to create engaging discussions, learning about your leads, decision
    making, approval process, solution mapping, recapping goals, and priorities.
  2. Modern Sales Training (Skillshare)
    This course teaches you how to take the counts out of the sales process and achieve a
    successful sales career. There are 12 lessons which include creating your sales list,
    prospecting on foot, prospecting over the phone, the first appointment, the proposal,
    objections, negotiating, closing, and making winning predictable.
    New users on skillshare can enroll for free by activating their 1-month free trial.
  3. DeveLoop: DeveLoop from Sproutlogix is a training platform that helps businesses to
    upscale, develop and align their employees with the business’ objectives while using an
    innovative AI platform. This platform makes use of surveys, assessments, Analytics,
    business measured results, and adaptive learning journeys to help companies train their
    employees in ways that can boost their sales performances.
  4. EdApp
    This platform provides for ready-to-deliver sales courses. It acts as a sales learning platform
    that has sales courses that you can either deliver as is or tailor to fit your company’s needs.
  5. Wiziq
    This platform allows organisations to enroll their students and offer sales training lessons. It
    is ideal for small businesses that want to train individual salesforce members.
  6. RAIN Group
    This is a sales training company that offers a variety of sales training programs that covers
    every aspect of the sales process. They use a combined learning approach, with their
    programs delivered either in-person or virtually, allowing learners to learn in the way that
    suits them best.
    The programs listed above would guide both a newbie and someone in the business in their
    sales journey

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