Shop Owner’s

For shop owners

Earn more with your store without increasing your operating expenses by offering additional
products or service provided by our brand partners to your customers

Offer products and services from
top brands to your customers

You have the store, we have the products, services and brand partnerships to increase your revenue and store traffic. affilBase has everything you need to grow your revenue intelligently

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About Our Shop Agents/Partners

Who Can Sign Up?

We are a dedicated sales network, we only work with the best of the bests, we work with ambitious and high foot traffic stores in prime locations. We’re all about getting results, you can join our network if this sounds like you


FMCG stores

POS agents

Telco agents

Fashion stores

Office spaces


Market stalls

Electronic stores




Dry cleaners


Fast food


What Options Are Available To You?

Offer add-on services for performance driven sales for high powered industries

In-store advert

Advertise your brand, products or services in selected stores across Nigeria.

Brand activations

Conduct brand activations or branding campaigns in stores across Nigeria to reach consumers directly

POS services

Let your customer conduct financial transactions such as cash withdrawals, deposits, account opening, airtime vending and more at partner stores


Let customers send and pick up packages at our partner stores nationwide. Offer logistics and delivery pick up services at our stores through our partners

Pick Up/Delivery Centre

Sell more products, let your customers order products from our partner stores. We’ll set up a dropshipping system at our stores to allow customers order for your products

Quick Service Points

Get closer to your potential customers, let customers book services, register or request for a variety of services at our partner stores. We’ll set up quick service points across for your products and services​

Ready To Start Earning As An Agent?

We’re always on the look out for qualified sales personnel to work with us.
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