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Partner with the largest sales network in Nigeria. At Affilbase, we understand the need to get the right
people on our team, and therefore, we are always on the lookout for stakeholders to partner with us and
help us achieve our goal.

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Build, manage and optimize sales and affiliate programs that drive intelligent growth for businesses across Nigeria using our strong agent network. Affilbase offers a dynamic partnership service that enables you to earn an attractive income and also
work with various brands and businesses across Nigeria. Whether you are a sales expert with vast
experience in sales and team management or have a sales agency, we are willing to partner with you to
build a very beneficial outcome.

Why you should partner with us

We are the fastest-growing performance-based network in Nigeria. Our network connects businesses
across the country with their target customers. Partnering with us guaranteed not just a high income but
also a platform of networking needed to grow.

Earn attractive income

Work with various global brands
and startups across Nigeria

Connect with the most extensive
sales partner network in Nigeria

What to do as a partner

Are you thinking of partnering with us?
We have unique partnership options that best suits you.

Training agent

Develop, facilitate and manage innovative marketing and sales training, courses and programs
for our large network of agents. Our training partnership program enables experienced sales experts and
training professionals to groom and educate sales partners, business owners, and sales agents.
What to do:
Training and onboarding of new agent
Mentorship programs
Webinars and Live seminars
Development of learning resources and courses
Agent appraisals and examination

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Sales agency

Collaborate with us to develop and manage your client’s successful sales and affiliate programs using our
strong partnership network. Get access to top brands, expert sales agents, trusted affiliates, sales tools,
and support to deliver the best result you can get. We don’t just help you drive sales, and we help you
achieve your goal.

  • Develop and manage successful affiliate programs
  • Manage and achieve businesses sales goals
  • Get marketing support and sales tools
  • Collaborate with the best sales network

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Join our growing team of detail-oriented, thorough, and organized sales supervisors to deploy and manage our team of agents across Nigeria. We partner with sales experts to identify potential markets,
opportunities, and growth for our clients.

  • Supervise daily activities of sales agents
  • Track weekly and monthly sales agent’s performance
  • Coordinate schedules of the sales agent to meet and exceed sales quotas.
  • Provide excellent customer service and grow client revenue

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