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affilBase partner marketing provides businesses with comprehensive marketing services, brand collaboration, and creative implementation for well-established companies and startups.

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About Our Work

What we do

  • B2B marketing services and brand collaborations
  • Enhance distribution and joint sales opportunities
  • Strategic partnership for both global brands and startups
  • Expand your reach and connect you to new prospects
  • Design and execute winning partner marketing strategies

How we do it

We Take Pride In Achieving Results

Collaborate with other businesses with shared interests to create marketing campaigns, build brand awareness and create sales channels that benefits both parties. Our partnership marketing strategy helps each firm reach its respective business goals.


Sponsorship partnership

Get sponsorship or sponsor a brand that shares a mutual benefit with you. We facilitate brand sponsorships that helps businesses  scale up sales and expand their reach.


Distribution partnerships

Team up with partners for better distribution of products and services, through co-marketing and partnerships.


Affinity marketing partnership

Our affinity marketing strategy helps you create access and beneficial partnership with other businesses by connecting you directly to their customer base.

Reach Offline Consumers Easily

Improve your reach and distribution through our partnership with shops and outlets across Nigeria

In-Store Advertising

Advertise your brand, products or
services in selected stores across

Brand Activations

Conduct brand activations or branding
campaigns in stores across Nigeria to
reach consumers directly

POS Services

Set up extensions of your financial services through POS agents across Nigeria. Let your customer conduct financial transactions such as cash withdrawals, deposits, account opening, airtime vending and more at partner stores


Let customers send and pick up packages at our partner stores nationwide. Offer logistics and delivery pick up services at our stores through our partners​

Pick Up/Delivery Centre

Sell more products, let your customers order products from our partner stores. We’ll set up a dropshipping system at our stores to allow customers order for your products

Quick Service Points

Get closer to your potential customers, let customers book services, register or request for a variety of services at our partner stores. We’ll set up quick service points across Nigeria for your products and services​

How we work

Our Agents

Our agents combine online and offline sales strategies to drive product awareness and sales

Digital Agents

Digital agents who use digital tools to connect buyers with products

Field Agents

Mobile agents who move around to actively engage customers, drive awareness and sales

Fixed Agents

Fixed agent partners who are business owners with fixed structures where customers can visit

How it Works

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Connect with sales partners

Set fees

Set compensation model

Track sales

Track leads and conversions

Pay commissions

Pay commissions

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