How to Write an Attractive Affiliate Program Description


The affiliate program description is usually the first place a prospective partner or affiliate goes to learn more about what the program is all about and the terms and conditions applicable to the program.

It is essential to craft an enticing program description that would draw the attention of people interested in the program.

Below are some tips you can follow to craft an attractive description for your affiliate program;

  1. Define your audience

Which sector and group of people is your affiliate program targeted at?  Make sure to highlight things that show that your program is tailored to cater to certain people. Also, highlight the benefits the prospective affiliate would gain if he or she joins your program.

  1. Highlight what differentiates you from others

This is where you show off what makes you different from other affiliate programs. Mention why your program is worthy of joining and highlight your value propositions. Again, list out the benefits prospective affiliates stand to get when they join. It could be performance incentives for top performers, exclusive promotions, commission rates, content library, and others.

  1. Update! Update!! Update!!!

Your program description should keep evolving as the market keeps evolving. Do not leave outdated information for new affiliates, when the current state of your program does not represent what is written. Double-check your program description quarterly, to ensure that it still represents the current state of your affiliate program.

It is recommended that your program description stays within the 250-word limit. It is important that the layout of your affiliate program description should cover the main details of your program and should be easy to understand.

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