How to Run Instagram and Facebook Ads For Your Affiliate Business


In the affiliate marketing world, your ability to make huge sales depends on developing a marketing plan that will help you promote your selected goods and services to customers who are both influenced by you and are interested in knowing more about what you have to offer.

There are several marketing strategies you can utilize to get more customers, but the effectiveness of these strategies depends on the level of engagement with your target audience and the kind of content you put out for others to see.

Nonetheless,  for you to get the right people and catch their attention, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads is a short-term marketing strategy that has proven to be effective.

In recent years, marketing via social media has seen incredible growth, with significant financial investment and innumerable rivals and marketers, including content creators, channels, and companies.

You can optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns by investing in paid advertising within the boundaries of a reasonable and moderate budget that you establish for yourself so that your return on investment is favorable.

A Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing with Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

  1. Create a Facebook business account

Create a Facebook business account and choose a name or online handle that your audience can identify you with

  • Choose a page category that aligns with what your brand or business does.
  • Enter a website address to promote a specific store.
  • Choose a profile image that represents your brand.
  • Add a catching description to your profile.
  • Add a Call-To-Action to invite your audience or take any action like contacting you on messenger or clicking the website address.
  • Create a relevant video, image, and text content and post it.
  1. Promote a post

Pick from any of the posts you made, and turn them into an Ad by creating an advertising account.

To do this, Click on the “Promote Post” button at the lower left corner of your share button to complete the details of the post promotion, such as: 

  • Target audience 
  • Budget 
  • Length of time to promote
  1. Create a new campaign and choose a goal for it

Different campaigns have different goals and they include;

  • increasing awareness of your product or brand. 
  • increasing the traffic of visitors to a specific place such as a website or landing page.
  • increasing the number of conversions by reaching people interested in your service or product.

Pick a campaign that is peculiar to you and choose a campaign name.

  1. Pick your target audience for your campaign

You can target audiences based on a variety of factors. This includes; 

  • interests (audiences with interests that match your activities); 
  • demographics (generation, gender, geography, and language); 
  • behaviors (audiences with shopping habits that make them likely to purchase your goods or services); and other traits.

You can also target your audience from your followers, a mailing list, or a list of visitors that visits your site using Facebook pixels and other ways.

  1. Choose the platforms you want your ads to show on

You can choose the platforms you want your ads to show on as the ads can show on different platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, and Audience network.

  1. Enhance your Ad contents

Within an ad group, you can leverage your already published posts to promote fresh or add new advertising options to it. 

Multiple advertising enables you to accurately assess and compare advertisements as well as your marketing and promotional performance. 

Share innovative content including pictures and videos.

  1. Go through all the options you selected before submitting.
  1. Connect Your Instagram

You can easily post your ads on Instagram by connecting both accounts.

To do this;

  • Open your Facebook page
  • Click on settings
  • Choose Instagram ads by clicking on Instagram
  • Click on add account
  • Add your Instagram account name and password.

Think about what you hope to achieve after advertising before choosing the advertising strategy that applies to your business.

Using Facebook and Instagram ads allows you to reach both specific niches or a wide range of audiences.

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