Hire Direct Sales Agents NEW

We create a seamless marketing and sales process for your product and services. Our strong network of result-oriented and experienced direct sale agent would help you achieve your sales goal and put your business at the forefront of the right people and target audience.

What we do

  • Our agent presents your company’s product and services directly to potential clients and close deals.
  • Help you sell your product directly to your target audience in the most seamless way.
  • Meet and exceed weekly, monthly, and yearly sales goals
  • Increase sales and unlock revenue growth for your business
  • Target and increase your ideal customer base
  • Research and identify specific viable marketing and pricing strategies that drive sales goals.
  • Research, develop and execute an effective sales strategy that helps you compete effectively with other competing products.
  • Direct follow-up on promotions and sales performance.

How we do it

Affilbase direct sales agents are independent salespeople who help you distribute goods through them strong network. They work directly with consumers, selling your product and services and finding each personally. Our goal is to bring your product right to the doorstep of your target consumers.

  • Single-level sales: our primary strategic direct sale mechanism. With this, you can engage a well-experienced direct salesperson to help you reach every niche of your target audience by bringing your product much closer to your customers.
  • One on one or offline sale: With our well tested and proven offline sales method, our agent use an in-person and door to door marketing mechanism to get your product to your target audience and prospect.
  • Online sales: let’s give your brand a broader audience coverage, get your product to well-respected websites and social media pages by connecting with an online sales expert to boost your product sale through online platforms.

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