Frequently Asked Questions

What we do?

Affilbase is Nigeria's fastest-growing performance base sales network and affiliate marketing platform.

Our sole aim is helping businesses across Nigeria grow by scaling up sales and helping them reach their sales goal through innovative strategy and a strong network chain of
marketing and sales experts.

Our unique approach to performance-based marketing is directed to help businesses achieve their sale goals seamlessly and most efficiently. We provide businesses with a solid strategic network of sales partners and affiliates that connect clients with their target customers and audience

Which location are you currently operating?

Our network of sales agent cut across the 36 state in Nigeria

How can I partner with you?

We offer a dynamic partnership service. You can partner with us as a shop owner, state coordinator or training partners. Visit our partners page to find out more.

What is your payment model like?

For merchant: We use performance based model, you only pay for your value. Ensure you set your commission rate and make payments base on results

For agents: payments are made base on task achieved. The more project you complete, the more income you earn. Our income model is based on commission rate or basic pay

How it works

For Agents: visit www. Affilbase.comand click on sign up to create an Agent account, take the compulsory screening test, after which you can proceed to browse for available task listed, complete task and get paid
For merchants: visit click on sign up to create a merchant account, enlist your product or service, set your sales target and commission rate, accept sales agent and monitor
your sales performance

How do I get started?

As an agent: Once you've created an account, you can use the My job platform on your dashboard to find merchants.
Then you apply for jobs, get approved and begin promoting
products wherever you choose.

As a merchant: Once you've created an account, you can list your product or service, work with agents , and begin selling your product.

Can I work for more than one business?

Yes , you can apply for as many tasks as you want. Just ensure you meet up to the target and achieve your task promptly.

How do I track my sales?

For merchants: you can download transaction and sales reports . You can also monitor your sales performance and trends via your dashboard

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