Set Up A Sales Shift

Post A Shift

Create a sales shift, input shift details such as the company, time, pay, and type of work the shift involves

We Assign Agents To Work Shift

Once you post a shift with your schedule and required skill-set, we'll assign the nearest agent to the shift! You will be notified that an agent has been assigned to work the shift!

Pay For Value

Once shift is completed, you'll get a shift report and rate the agent's performance and pay for the hours and results. This typically takes between 1-2 business days.

Set Up A Sales Shift Today!

Set up sales related tasks and assignment for agents to complete in their neighbourhood

Pay sales agents per hour, daily or weekly!

Assign sales tasks to agents in their area such as field activations, user registrations, product demo, lead generation, lead follow up, and more on a fixed hourly rate plus commissions for successful tasks