Case Study: Our Work With Green Orchid

Innovative food distribution in Nigeria: Green orchid e-abattoir Food is not just the basic need of life but one of the essential survival needs. Our food goes a long way to define us, from our strength to health, growth, mental and physical function, and so much more, and that’s why the food industry and its […]

Developing a sales strategy for your business

Introduction  The end goal of every business is to have tremendous revenue and profit, and the only driving force in achieving this is the number of sales they can make. Trying to use economics hints, one could easily say the higher the sales! The higher the profit! And of course the higher the growth of […]

Case Study: Our Work With Sabi

Nigeria’s B2B marketplace: How Sabi is transforming Nigeria’s offline marketplace Introduction. Indeed the world is fast-moving digitally, and the marketplace seems to be moving towards the online platform daily. But in a developing and well-established cultural country like Nigeria, the offline market still plays a vital role in the Nigerian market system. Taking a tour […]