How to Build Customer Relationships

One of the best strategies a company or an affiliate can adopt to boost sales is to establish a relationship with its customers. Customer relations refers to how a person or a business interacts with customers to improve the customers’ experience. This also includes overcoming immediate problems and creating lasting solutions as the main objective […]

Affilbase Feature: Cydene App

With digital payment being the new norm in most countries, most transactions are carried out online swiftly with ease from anywhere in the world.Household payments and energy bills are not left out as many people now pay their “NEPA” bills through bank apps and online payment platforms. However, these platforms only focus on paying electric […]

How to Determine Customer Lifetime Value

Customers are the main backbone of a business. Without having them, a business would go down the drain. Customer Lifetime Value(CLV) is a type of business metric where businesses determine how much profit they would earn in their relationship with the average customer. This consists of shipping, customer acquisition costs (CAC), ongoing sales and marketing […]

Affiliate Marketing Vs Influencer Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing are both effective strategies to help grow your business. However, it is important to note their differences as not understanding how they function and how each strategy works can result in you missing out on opportunities to increase your reach and grow your brand. Let’s dive into how both forms […]