How to Make Money as a Student With Affilbase 

As a student, making money while in school improves your financial situation especially if you come from a low-income family, and also adds to your work experience. While it is encouraged that you face your books squarely, it is also advisable to generate an income no matter how little it is by working. There are […]

How to Build Customer Relationships

One of the best strategies a company or an affiliate can adopt to boost sales is to establish a relationship with its customers. Customer relations refers to how a person or a business interacts with customers to improve the customers’ experience. This also includes overcoming immediate problems and creating lasting solutions as the main objective […]

How To Contact Leads

After carrying out an effective marketing campaign, you now have new leads that you hope will result in sales. For you to keep expanding and succeeding, you need to create an outreach strategy to keep in touch with your leads and keep your sales pipeline full.  Your capacity to strategically and successfully follow up on […]

A Guide On Field Canvassing For Agents

Field canvassing is a sales process that businesses use to increase their customer base and sell their products or services. Canvassing is effective because it allows businesses to be close to their customers thereby making sales more personal. Understanding how to convince people to buy your products or services can increase your opportunities and revenue […]

How To Generate Leads For Affilagents

Success in affiliate marketing is more about the transactions you complete and not mainly the prospects you attract. The more leads you generate, the more affiliate sales you’ll get, and the more successful you’ll be as an affiliate marketer. This means that you can simply boost the volume of affiliate sales if you consistently concentrate […]

Affilbase Feature: Cydene App

With digital payment being the new norm in most countries, most transactions are carried out online swiftly with ease from anywhere in the world.Household payments and energy bills are not left out as many people now pay their “NEPA” bills through bank apps and online payment platforms. However, these platforms only focus on paying electric […]

Several Ways To Share And Promote Affiliate Links

Being an affiliate is amazing because, even though you aren’t the owner of the product or website, you can still make money by promoting it. There are numerous ways to describe an affiliate marketer, but the most straightforward definition of an affiliate marketer is to promote other people’s offers in exchange for a commission on […]

How Affiliate Marketers Can Leverage Facebook Group Marketing for Success

One amazing feature Facebook has is the Facebook group feature; whether you want to learn how to sew, or you are looking for communities to join, there are different Facebook groups you can join. Since the groups are mostly made up of people with the same interest, many businesses use it as an opportunity to […]

Why you Should use Affiliate Marketing for Lead Generation

Affiliate marketing has proven over the years to be a strong strategy to follow when it comes to leadgeneration. According to a survey Affise took this year, more than 38% of marketers consider Affiliatemarketing as one of the best ways to acquire more customers as it plays a big role in the brand’smedia strategy.Lead generation […]

Is it possible to do affiliate marketing without a website?

Starting as an affiliate marketer nowadays can be quite confusing because people have differenttakes on how it should run. One of the major controversies in the affiliate marketing world iswhether it is important to get a website. While it is no news that building a website boosts yourchance of success, is it really necessary?If you […]