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Nigeria’s B2B marketplace: How Sabi is transforming Nigeria’s offline marketplace


Indeed the world is fast-moving digitally, and the marketplace seems to be moving towards the online platform daily. But in a developing and well-established cultural country like Nigeria, the offline market still plays a vital role in the Nigerian market system. Taking a tour through popular market sites like the Eko market in Lagos, Aba market in Onitsha, and other prominent markets across the country, the offline market’s bustling and active role in the Nigerian business sector could be seen.

As a nation with so much potential embedded in our business sector, there is no doubt a need to strengthen the offline marketplace using innovative and online market strategies to help sustain the sector. For instance, taking business owners/merchants, one of the key players in the Nigeria’s offline marketplace, one could observe a daily struggle of keeping sales going and at the same time managing the business to maximize full profit and revenue.

Business owners often find themselves on the verge of running at a loss or even folding up due to lack of proper business management skills, record keeping, and effective business tools. The big question is, “the market is always busy, are they not selling?”, well, of course, they are selling, but then is it with ease? Is it profitable? are their products and services accessible as it seems? These and many more questions remain a reason to strengthen the marketplace with innovative digital platforms.

Sabi’s impact

Sabi is a B2B company, whose primary aim is platforming Africa’s informal trade (i.e., offline marketplace). With many informal markets struggling with getting their goods closer to their target consumers or even getting a steady supply of products from suppliers.

Sabi network has created a stable platform that enables access to hard-to-reach markets (offline market) and ensures ease of distribution in the offline marketplace.
With their newly launched digital platform, Sabi. AM app, merchants, and business owners can now connect with customers and suppliers with ease. This is one of many impacts Sabi network is offering to Nigeria’s offline marketplace. Other impacts include:

  • ●  Provision of business tools: The Sabi network provides business tools that help merchants and business owners keep up-to-date records of their business inflow, track inventory with ease, and get financial updates on their business activities.
  • ●  Easy access to informal market: With over 150,000 registered merchants connected to the Sabi platform. Sabi ensures SMEs such as kiosk, shops, petty traders, and supermarkets get all-time access to both their target customers and suppliers by bridging gaps between businesses using technology.
  • ●  Effective distribution: distribution is a key-value chain in the business sectors. Sabi network ensures ease of distribution across the informal market. Through their effective logistic service, business owners deliver products to their customers quickly and affordably.

● Business aggregation: Sabi network remains the largest B2B network in Nigeria. Their platform has helped connect thousands of businesses across the county, thereby improving demand and supply across the sector.

All these impacts help business owners connected to the Sabi network have a tremendous change in their business venture. From various testimonies, business owners have affirmed that Sabi has helped them increase demand and cash flow, make profit, streamlined logistics, helped them save money, and effectively manage their business.

Affibase partnership with Sabi.AM

Sabi recently partnered with affilBase, a fast-growing performance-based sales network, to further broaden its impact and reach a more comprehensive business range. Using the strong network of sales and affiliate partners, affilBase would help to further strengthen Sabi’s goal by assisting them to achieve a broader coverage of business owners, sensitize stakeholders on Sabi network’s importance, get thousands of businesses across Nigeria to connect to the Sabi network, and reach the less served/hard-to-reach offline markets.

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