Case Study: Our Work With Green Orchid


Innovative food distribution in Nigeria: Green orchid e-abattoir

Food is not just the basic need of life but one of the essential survival needs. Our food goes a long way to define us, from our strength to health, growth, mental and physical function, and so much more, and that’s why the food industry and its stakeholders play a significant role in human survival.
Today the world is giving more attention to what they eat; people see food beyond satisfying their hunger quest. Instead, they see food as a meter for good health. Therefore there is a shift to eating more healthy food, organically produced food crops, animals, and food products of good quality.
Taking Nigeria as a case study, people are becoming more aware of the need for healthy food ., especially healthy meat products. There is a clamor for more hygienically produced meat and quality meat product. Unfortunately, the cattle industry and the meat sector are still struggling to meet this ever-increasing demand.
This has indirectly affected the stakeholders involved in the distribution of this crucial food need.
For the food retail sector, the FMCG industry, and every stakeholder involved in the distribution of meat products, there is a constant struggle of where and how to get quality, organic and affordable meat products that best suits their customer’s demands. Also, considering how consumers are shifting to well processed and ready-to-cook meat products, most retailers are now more concerned to move from the local abattoir to a more innovative, well processed, and digitalized meat supply platform or abattoirs.
Now the million-dollar question, An online abattoir? How is that even possible? This article explores Nigeria’s fastest-growing e-abattoir Green orchid and its impact on the meat supply chain in Nigeria.

Green Orchid’s Impact

Green orchid is an innovative agricultural platform and an online abattoir whose major aim is to provide exceptional e-butchery services that provide well processed, packaged, and ready for delivery fresh meat products across Nigeria, especially in the urban area. The company is rising to meet the increasing challenge of the urban population’s access to fresh, hygienic, quality, and affordable meat products.

With their online abattoir, they are creating a seamless meat distribution process that enables shop owners, meat retailers, supermarkets, FMCG stores, restaurants, eateries, food stores, and other stakeholders involved in the distribution of meat products to have a seamless supply of meat(especially beef) product. and therefore increase the ease of distribution of this product to direct consumers.
Their unique approach and impact include

Sustainable farming: Green orchid meat products are farm-to-table products that are produced in the most sustainable and hygienic way. Their products are organically bred, feed and in harmony with nature. Their sterile approach to raising quality meat products is a unique feature that makes their meat product stand out from the regularly sought local beef.

Processing and Packaging: One of the struggles of most meat retailers is getting well processed or packaged meat products. Most distributors go through the struggle of getting the raw meat and a way to process and package it for consumers.
This is a unique advantage Green orchid is providing for meat retailers. All their meat products are well processed and packaged, and simply ready for sale.

Quality meat products: This is undoubtedly green orchid’s best feature. Their online abattoir offers meat packages produced from Africa’s best cattle breeds, and all their cattle are organically fed, bred, and sourced from notable hygienic sources.
Paying close attention to hygiene and details; in packaging, processing, and Delivery. As made the Green orchid product a successful meat product that is widely accepted in the Nigerian market.

Seamless Delivery: to ensure effective distribution of meat products across the value chain, Green orchid provides seamless Delivery for every order. Their logistic model is quick, effective, and seamless. The online abattoir also comes with an order tracking system that enables every order to be well tracked.

Credit facility: Green orchid provides a no-upfront payment policy that enables meat retailers to order meat products on credit and pay within a stipulated time. This has encouraged a lot of retailers, especially small-scale retailers, to earn an income without even having a start-up capital.

Affilbase’s partnership with Green Orchid
Affilbase is further strengthening the effort of Green orchid through its strong network of sales experts and unique sales strategy. The partnership enhances Green orchid efforts to reach a wider range of shop owners, meat retailers, supermarkets, FMCG stores, restaurants, eateries, food stores, and other stakeholders involved in the distribution of meat products across the country, with a significant target of Lagos state. The project will introduce Green Orchid and its unique products to retailers across the country, get retailers to sign up and order directly from the e-butchery and enjoy seamless Delivery and credit facility.

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