Training Programs for new affiliates Marketers

Being a sales agent does not mean you should limit yourself to learning more. There areseveral programs or courses available for sales reps to help improve their skills.They include; Sales Discovery Training (LinkedIn Learning):This course gives an insight into sales discovery and how the role it plays. Some of thelessons taught in this course include […]

Choosing the right products for your affiliates

There are many things to consider before selecting a product to sell as a sales agent. It isvery important to select the best product to bring into the market and have the right productidea; having the wrong product idea would ultimately lead to bad sales.These are the following steps you should take before selecting a […]

Tips for building a reliable affiliate network

Reaching your target audience is one of the major goals of marketing and a vital part ofrunning a business.There are several ways of marketing your business to your audience both online and offlinewhich often results in spending a lot of money yielding little or no results.An effective marketing system needs strategic planning and a maintenance […]

Why you Should use Affiliate Marketing for Lead Generation

Affiliate marketing has proven over the years to be a strong strategy to follow when it comes to leadgeneration. According to a survey Affise took this year, more than 38% of marketers consider Affiliatemarketing as one of the best ways to acquire more customers as it plays a big role in the brand’smedia strategy.Lead generation […]

Is it possible to do affiliate marketing without a website?

Starting as an affiliate marketer nowadays can be quite confusing because people have differenttakes on how it should run. One of the major controversies in the affiliate marketing world iswhether it is important to get a website. While it is no news that building a website boosts yourchance of success, is it really necessary?If you […]

Job Vacancy – Recruitment Associate

We are looking for a Recruitment Associate to support our recruiting and onboarding activities. Recruitment Associate responsibilities include scheduling calls and interviews, maintaining candidate database and handling paperwork. Ultimately, you’ll help us hire efficiently and keep our hiring process running. If you have some experience in recruiting and you’re an excellent organizer and communicator, we’d […]

Starting a career in sales

Introduction There is a general saying that anybody can sell, that maybe true, however, not everyone can have a career in sales, you may be able to sell one or two products from time to time but that doesn’t make you a sales personnel. Sales go beyond everyday the selling we are used to, it […]

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Many people earn money online without having to do too much work and one of such means is becoming an affiliate marketer. Have you ever heard the word affiliate marketing and wonder why it’s trending these days? Well, this article explains what it entails and why there is so much buzz about it. It is […]

Learn: Who is a sales partner?

All businesses ideally want to reach a wider audience. Many do this by referring their businesses to others or employing more people to their sales team. This takes a lot of time and time as we all know, is money in the business world. If you are looking to reach a larger audience and increase […]

Case Study: Our Work With Sabi

Nigeria’s B2B marketplace: How Sabi is transforming Nigeria’s offline marketplace Introduction. Indeed the world is fast-moving digitally, and the marketplace seems to be moving towards the online platform daily. But in a developing and well-established cultural country like Nigeria, the offline market still plays a vital role in the Nigerian market system. Taking a tour […]