Starting a career in sales

Introduction There is a general saying that anybody can sell, that maybe true, however, not everyone can have a career in sales, you may be able to sell one or two products from time to time but that doesn’t make you a sales personnel. Sales go beyond everyday the selling we are used to, it […]

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Many people earn money online without having to do too much work and one of such means is becoming an affiliate marketer. Have you ever heard the word affiliate marketing and wonder why it’s trending these days? Well, this article explains what it entails and why there is so much buzz about it. It is […]

Learn: Who is a sales partner?

All businesses ideally want to reach a wider audience. Many do this by referring their businesses to others or employing more people to their sales team. This takes a lot of time and time as we all know, is money in the business world. If you are looking to reach a larger audience and increase […]

Case Study: Our Work With Sabi

Nigeria’s B2B marketplace: How Sabi is transforming Nigeria’s offline marketplace Introduction. Indeed the world is fast-moving digitally, and the marketplace seems to be moving towards the online platform daily. But in a developing and well-established cultural country like Nigeria, the offline market still plays a vital role in the Nigerian market system. Taking a tour […]