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Earn as an agent, find potential buyers for client products, facilitate sales and get your commissions with our portfolio of brands across a range of industries. You can help brands sell their products and services in any of the following ways:

Direct sales

Work directly with businesses,
find customers through
direct marketing

Affiliate marketing

Earn as an affiliate marketer,
join affiliate campaigns
and get rewarded

Lead Generation

Generate quality leads and
build prospect lists for
top brands

Partner marketing

Partner with brands to sell complimentary products and services to your customers

Referral marketing

Join brand referral programs,
refer family, friends and
colleagues to earn


Work as a telemarketer, sell
products and services

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Our services are tailored to help you grow intelligently by delivering value for our clients.


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How Much Can You Earn?

Our agents earn anywhere between N50,000 – N1,000,000/Month based on the number of jobs completed
We work with the businesses across different industries to ensure we constantly provide income earning opportunities for our agents.

Sell Your Physical Products

Drive physical products sales and store traffic for your physical products.

Sell Your Digital Products

Drive online products sales, downloads, traffic and usage for your digital products; mobile app and web products.

Industries we work with

Performance driven sales for high powered industries


Let’s help you sell your cars, drive sales using our network of performance based resellers and brokers

Real estate

Let’s help you sell your real estate properties and products with a network of real estate agents and affiliates


Let’s help you bring your financial products closer to the populace. We’ll put agents on every street corner to help you deliver financial services


Are you a service provider? Get more business with a network of sales agents and affiliates


Get more downloads, users, traffic, conversions for your mobile or web based applications


Sell more consumer products, get your products in local stores using our network of agents and affiliates

How we work

Who can become an agent?

We are a dedicated sales network, we only work with the best of the bests, we work with ambitious and performance driven individuals or agencies. We’re all about getting results, you can join our network if this sounds like you.

Digital agents

Digital agents who use digital tools to connect buyers with products

Mobile agents

Mobile agents who move around to actively engage customers, drive awareness and sales

Fixed agents

Fixed agent partners who are business owners with fixed structures where customers can visit

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Sabi Merchant Activations

Engage and activate shops/merchants around you on the sabi inventory and business management mobile application


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