Earn up to N150,000/Month by signing up merchants and shop owners to use Patronize POS devices. 

About Patronize

It’s like POS but this one can print receipts for bank transfers!

Patronize is a POS device for physical stores to accept and print receipts for transfers

Each Pay Point device has its own bank account details attached to it (e.g. 1231123894 – Wema Bank). When money is sent to that account number via bank transfer, the Pay Point device acknowledges the payment and prints the receipt (with a merchant copy) automatically. Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps.

1. Customer sends money to the Pay Point’s account number.

2. Pay Point machine prints receipt automatically – immediately.

3. The money is settled into merchant’s wallet instantly.

Read more about Patronize here




Product type

POS, Paypoint

Project type

User Registrations

Job description

  • Search for physical stores around you
  • Introduce the Patronize device and get them to register as a merchant using your unique code (Note: Activation will be invalid if your reference code is not used)
  • Get merchants activated by activating accounts and deploying POS devices


  • Financial Remuneration Based On Selected Target (Up to N150k Per Month)
  • Weekly Settlement Of Funds To Your Account
  • Opportunity To Work On Other Projects For Additional Income

Who can register?

Field Agents

These are agents we move around to register merchants physically