Earn up to N15,000/Day by signing up users for Cydene mobile application. Sign up users on the mobile application using your unique referral code.

About Cydene

The Cydene mobile app is built for everyday users to order Gas, Power and Diesel with ease. Cydene has aggregated a network of energy merchants across Lagos to ease the supply of energy products to users.

By virtue of relationships, strategic and mutually beneficial relationships. Cydene positions itself to manage the flow of energy from, into and across key markets, nationwide.

We recognize the value in an efficient distribution network and that is why the flow of products is managed through 3 storage terminals and over 60 service stations through supply agreements.




Product type

Gas, Power and Diesel

Project type

User Registrations

Job description

  • Search for potential users in your area
  • Introduce the Cydene app and get them to download and register using your unique code (Note: Activation will be invalid if your reference code is not used)
  • Get users activated by activating wallet
  • Facilitate orders


  • Financial Remuneration Based On Selected Target (Up to N15k Per Day)
  • Weekly Settlement Of Funds To Your Account
  • Opportunity To Work On Other Projects For Additional Income

Who can register?

Field Agents

These are agents we move around to register merchants physically

Digital Agents

These are agents who use digital tools to register merchants