A Guide On Field Canvassing For Agents

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Field canvassing is a sales process that businesses use to increase their customer base and sell their products or services. Canvassing is effective because it allows businesses to be close to their customers thereby making sales more personal. Understanding how to convince people to buy your products or services can increase your opportunities and revenue gotten from sales.

Pillars Of Field Canvassing


This is the process of looking for new clients. Prospects are crucial to your sales funnel since expansion requires a constant flow of new clients. 


Finding a prospect’s need that corresponds with one of the features or advantages you provide is known as qualifying.

Prospects are qualified based on their decision, budget, and the amount of suffering necessary to motivate purchase which is also known as authority to buy. When agents are canvassing, they should ask several open-ended questions, pay close attention, and give thoughtful answers.


The process of making an offer to a qualified prospect and outlining the benefits is known as pitching. The level of sales you make or success in convincing people depends on your ability to identify the lead’s demands. You should be able to address their concerns and demonstrate how your products or services would make their lives easier. This helps an agent connect with a potential customer. 


If you successfully close a sale, persuading a prospective customer to purchase your goods or services is the next thing to do. Find the method that works best for you and each qualified because there are several approaches one can take to successfully close a deal.


This is a very important step most field agents forget to take after successfully convincing potential customers to get their products or services. It is pertinent to stay in touch with the customer to make sure they received what they wanted, to confirm if they were happy with it, and to get answers to any problems that might have surfaced. This step is crucial to building a relationship with your new client and the doorway to more business prospects should their demands change.

How Can Agents Canvass Successfully?

  1.  Identify your target audience:

Your target audience is a particular consumer group that your business creates a product or service for. Agents are to investigate what kind of individual they can help or persons who are likely to purchase the product to have an accurate idea about who the right target audience is for a product or service.

It involves identifying the ideal consumer for the product in terms of age, gender, race, economic status, occupation, interests, and other factors related to what your business does. 

  1. Study potential market targets and sales trends.

Similar to target audiences, target markets are collections of customers in linked marketplaces where a business sells its goods. Field agents can locate prospects to canvass by analyzing their target markets. 

To know what consumers are buying, you can also analyze past and recent sales trends. This is useful for selling seasonal goods and can also let businesses know when and where customers are spending more money.

  1. Set a sales target for yourself:

A sales strategy can be built with the use of sales targets.Targets provides benchmarks to strive for and can suggest the actions representatives might take to achieve a goal. Whatever target you set aids the marketing and sales team in creating plans to boost customer acquisition. 

Sales personnel can also help you develop daily goals with the aid of your sales targets.

  1. Prepare a sales pitch:

A sales pitch can be described as a presentation of a good or service that summarizes its advantages, applications, and basic details like cost and availability. It’s vital to prepare a sales pitch before canvassing so you can explain what you’re offering and persuade people to buy it. A sales pitch essentially outlines a potential issue for the customer, a solution that can address the issue, and any extra advantages the product may provide.

Remember to keep your sales pitch short so people won’t be bored halfway through your explanation. It is also advisable to use relatable experiences to illustrate some points as it might be quite effective when convincing people.

  1. Have a backup strategy in place:

When canvassing for sales, it’s crucial to realize that not every customer is interested in buying something. To be safe, you can always develop a backup strategy.

For instance, you might decide to consider asking anyone who declines to purchase whether they would like to subscribe to your mailing list for special deals. 

Some customers who are not interested in buying anything might be interested in signing up and by offering a means to get in touch with them again, you can have another opportunity to promote your product. 

You can also give them a sample of your product or test run the service you are providing for them to show it works.

Field canvassing can be rewarding for agents, and can drive sales for businesses in many different industries.

You can attempt this test to practice your field canvassing techniques;

  1. What should you do if a person seems uninterested while you are describing products you are selling or services you offer?
  • You keep on talking.
  • You shout at the person to focus.
  • You persuade the person to drop their email/phone numbers and tell them to have a nice day.
  • Follow them after the person clearly states that they are not interested.
  • Leave the person alone if the person is not interested.
  1. Draft a sales pitch to convince someone to buy a pen from you and practice with your friend to see if they are convinced.
  1. List the five pillars of field canvassing
  1. List the procedures you follow to identify your target audience or target market.

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