A Beginner’s Guide To Telemarketing


With the advent of various social media channels, many advertisements are now done online. Several products are now being advertised through Facebook, Instagram, and even Titkok. One advertising strategy that still stands the test of time and it has proven to be effective over the years is Telemarketing. Not only is telemarketing cost-effective, but it also helps in achieving a mode of sales, lead generating, or marketing research that is flexible and statistically accountable.

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is the process of contacting prospective customers over the phone to sell them goods or services. It also entails the process of contacting, screening, and approaching prospects and serves as an effective tool for small and large businesses.

There are two types of telemarketing and they are;

  • Inbound Telemarketing: Direct mail, catalogs, and broadcast advertising are all examples of inbound telemarketing. Once a successful advertisement has been carried out, you should expect calls from prospective customers. You would need qualified call agents who can answer them appropriately and manage orders.
  • Outbound Telemarketing: Directly generated inquiries or business leads are the focus of outbound telemarketing. For this kind of marketing, it’s important to get the right training and follow the right procedures when phoning customers. 

Best Telemarketing Strategies for Beginners

  1. Develop a Telemarketing Script

Create a sales script that will capture the interest of your intended audience. There should be a sales script to direct the dialogue for each campaign that your agents conduct. The script must include important and enticing information to influence the caller to buy or, at least, schedule a follow-up call.

  1. Be prepared to answer questions

Agents or affiliates need to think carefully about what they are going to sell and whom they are representing. Customers frequently have relevant questions before deciding to purchase goods or services from someone. Therefore, be sure to comprehend any questions and receive instruction on how to handle difficult questions.

  1. Make the first call comfortable for the customer

Any discussion you have with a customer is always important. Make the communication process informal and relaxed, to make it easier for you to approach potential customers. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to project confidence throughout your first call. Be patient and persuade the prospects to believe you. Call people when they are willing to talk, to put them in a better mood for receiving a call. For example, you can call right after lunch or towards the end of a workday. 

  1. Be Empathetic

       Empathy is the act of comprehending someone’s circumstance because you have gone through a similar experience. As a marketer, empathy makes you understand what customers expect and how to take a call attempt beyond just a sale. You should capitalize on building relationships, not only sales.

  1. Analyze the data gotten 

You can only reach your target or goal by studying the data collected from each call that has been made. Data can reveal a lot about strategies that are successful and unsuccessful, what the market is doing, when the moment is perfect, and much more. Data that needs to be evaluated, for instance during telemarketing includes conversations till the sale, the length of calls, daily calls made, calls from voicemails returned, and response to marketing initiatives (each campaign). 

  1. Send a tailored email as a follow-up

Always send prospects personalized emails after a conversation. You can send a thank-you email as a follow-up or briefly summarize a call topic.

Your consumers will perceive you as professional if you send them a tailored email in response. Clearing up misunderstandings and cementing the interaction are just a few benefits of sending an email. The use of personalized messaging in telemarketing is ideal as they improve your rapport with your clients. 

A good telemarketer should be able to explain the benefits of the product or service to potential customers while also listening to their requirements and wishes. If telemarketing is done in the right way it can grow your business.

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